Read it on the Harvard Crimson India Perez-Urbano ’16 & Kirin Gupta ’16 In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama nominally reaffirmed his commitment to universal health care, citing the success of the Affordable Care Act. Despite his dedication to free and fair medical services for Americans, he failed to comment on the […]

Read it on the Huffington Post Isabel Ostrer, Lily Ostrer and Maria Smith Delivering yet another blow to this country’s Democratic process, President Obama is expected to buck Congressional authority in order to push through a trade agreement with devastating consequences for millions of people. Consistent with its proclivity for secrecy, the Obama administration has […]

India Perez-Urbano ’16 Today 180 million people around the globe are infected with Hepatitis C. In the United States, 3.2 million are infected with the virus—1.6 percent of the American population. Compare this to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS today, and you will see that the difference is colossal: 34 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS globally and 1.2 million […]

Aleeza H. Hashmi ’15, India Perez-Urbano ’16, and Maria L. Smith ’16 Imagine an AIDS-free generation. This could happen, but only if we take the necessary steps at this moment. This summer, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed that the United States would maintain its commitment to provide the funding and resources needed to achieve this historic […]

Anthony Almazan ’16, Lucas Gemar ’15, Isabel Ostrer ’14 The title of the tax alludes to its ethos: taking from the rich and giving to the poor. After months of pressure from nurses, health care, labor, environmental and faith-based activists, the Robin Hood Tax—a type of Financial Transaction Tax—has taken the next step towards become […]

Cara Geunther ’13, Isabel Ostrer ’14,  Alyssa Yamamoto ’12 Yesterday’s appointment of Dr. Jim Yong Kim as World Bank president marks a remarkable departure from the past. Not only is Dr. Kim the first person of Asian descent to become president of the World Bank (he immigrated to the United States from South Korea at […]

Darshali Vyas ’14, Lily Ostrer ’14, Mythili Prabhu ’13 At the most crucial moment to bring an end to the worst epidemic in recent history, President Obama has failed. Over 33 million people around the world live with HIV or AIDS and more than half of the individuals who could benefit from treatment lack access […]

Melissa Barber ’13, Lulu Tsao ’12, Alyssa Yamamoto ’12 World AIDS Day is commonly observed as a day of remembrance, raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and honoring the memories of those who have died from the global pandemic, but on this symbolic day we must not stop at mere memories. Without a strong activist movement centered […]

Lily Ostrer ’14, Mythili Prabhu ’13, Darshali Vyas ’14 “Creating an AIDS-free generation has never been a policy priority for the United States government—until today,” Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton proclaimed in an address to the National Institutes of Health on Tuesday, as she called for a renewed U.S. focus on fighting the global AIDS epidemic. […]